Jazz Lounge Deluxe

(tracks 15, 18)

Smoothnotes / Dark Alley Records 2019


Friday Night Jazz

Lounge Playlist   (track 12)

Smoothnotes / Toffee Tune Records 2019



Take Care

Moreglory 2018


Morning Coffee

Jazz Lounge   (track 2)

Smoothnotes /  Feeling Good Productions 2018


Fall Bossanova

Playlist   (track 1)

Sunshine Music 2018


Jazz Encounters: The Finest Jazz You Might Have Never Heard

Vol.6   (track 17)

Simpleton Records 2018


Hotel Lobby Jazz

Lounge Music   (track 2)

Smoothnotes / New Moon Records 2018


After Work

Jazz Chillout   (track 1)

Smoothnotes /  Beach House Records 2018


Lounge With Me

Romantic Chillout   (track 15)

Blue Life Records 2017


An Evening At the Jazz Lounge Café

Various artists   (tracks 11,12)

Smoothnotes / Stellar Productions 2017


Jazz Lounge Emotion

   (track 6)

Blue Records 2017


Hidden Treasures: Jazz, Vol. 4

Various artists   (track 12)

Voulut Bien Productions 2016


Hotel Chair Jazz: Best Music For Hotel’s Lounge

Various artists   (track 9)



Jazz in Cote D’Azur

An Intimate Jazz Session Night (track 1)

Alfa Music 2015


Bossa Nova

Lounge Playlist vol.2 (track 16)

Tudo Bem Music 2014


Voices in the Night

The Best Voices of Italian Jazz (tracks 4,11,14)

Alfa Music 2013


Italian Jazz Cafè in Rome

Vol.1 (track 2)

Alfa Music 2013


Night Shadows

A Romantic Jazz Collection (track 11)

Alfa Music 2013


Les Secrets de l’Amour

Smooth Jazz Collection (track 12)

Alfa Music 2013


Lust for Jazz vol.1

Very Sexy and Sensual Jazz Pieces (track 3)

Rendez-Vous Digital 2013


Lust for Jazz vol.2

Very Provocative Jazz Pieces (track 15)

Rendez-Vous Digital 2013


Copacabana Brazilian

Lounge Suite Top Class Music (track 14)

Alfa Music 2013


Marta Raviglia 4et

The Knight & His Armour

Monk 2013


Marta Raviglia 4et

Fondamenta-Itinerari Jazz

La Freccia 2008


Marta Raviglia 4et

Don’t Fence me In

MR4et 2008


Marta Raviglia 4et

Spiral Tales

Alfa Music 2007




EMN 2006

(In qualità di compositore di tre brani dell’album)